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Certified Translation, Notarization and Legalization


Certified Translator

Only a person who is certified and authorized as a translator can make certified translations. Certified translations are commonly used for immigration purposes and needed when conducting an international marriage.

When a person immigrates to an other country or conducts an international marriage the personal documents like for example birth certificates, driving licenses, professional and educational transcriptions need to be translated to get the documents understood and accepted in a foreign country. 

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from the certified translator. This signed statement attests to the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation.

It's important to remember that the signed statement made by the certified translator does not guarantee the validity of the original document. The validity of the original document can be proven by notarizing or by legalizing the document.


Notarization and legalization

Notarization or legalization is the process of authenticating or certifying a document so a foreign country's legal system and authorities will recognize it as with full legal effect.

Usually all the documents needed to conduct an international marriage need to be both translated and notarized or legalized. The demand for translations and notarization or leagalization may vary according to the legislation and the attitude of the local authorities. Some of the documents used for immigration purposes don't need to be notarized or legalized. 

You should always be sure to ask and find out the requirements of the notarization and legalization from the place or from the authority to which you are submitting the document.

The legalization and notarization is made as a service in the State Departments, Notary Public offices or in the Ministries of Foreign Relations. The embassies abroad may also provide legalization and notarization services. You should always get familiar with the local legislation and regulation about the legalization and notarization. The legalization and notarization fees may vary.

Some of the certified translators also provide notarization and legalization as a service. The certified translators them selves are not able to legalize or notarize the documents but they are taking the documents to be legalized and notarized to the authorized offices. It's good to remember to ask a notarization and legalization service at the same time with the certified translation.


The costs of the certified translation, notarization and legalization

The cost of the certified translation depends on the amount of pages translated. A typical prize for a page is around 30$ to 40$ or 25€ to 35€.

A page is usually defined as a A4 sheet containing 250 words or numbers. More than 250 words on a  A4 sheet can be considered additional pages.

The notarization and legalization fees vary a lot. Usually the notarization and legalization is taken care by simply getting an official stamp to the document. You should always find out the prizes from the local authorities offices.

Over all it's good to prepare to use about 300$ or 250€ for the certified translation, notarization and legalization.


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