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Indian Woman was Accused of Having a Sham Marriage

Posted 10/31/2015

Indian woman's story

This Indian woman's story of her being accused of having a sham marriage was originally published in The Guardian. Because sham marriage and marriage fraud investigation is such an important topic this Indian woman's story is now being summarized and written here in simple english so that it's easy to read for everyone.

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How to get Married in Finland

Posted 8/7/2015

Marriage in Finland

The registrars of the local register offices carry out civil marriage ceremonies. The marriage ceremony can be short and no-frills, but can also include live music and poetry readings.

At least two witnesses must be present at any marriage ceremony. A church blessing can be carried out in addition to the civil ceremony if agreed upon with a church parish.

An investigation is carried out prior to a marriage in order to ensure that there is no reason why the marriage may not be carried out. The investigation can be carried out either by the local register office or an appropriate church parish.

The certificate of no impediment must be left at the local register office prior to the marriage. In addition, the bride and groom must inform the local register office of the surname or surnames they plan on using.

A successful marriage ceremony requires planning. Make sure to contact the local register office well before you plan on getting married.

You can also view and download this article in pdf form via this link: Marriage in Finland .pdf

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Getting Married to Filipina

Posted 5/8/2015

How to get married in Philippines

This article is focused on the intermarriage of Filipino woman to a foreigner, specifically an American. But this article can be used as a guideline to everyone getting married in Philippines.

Getting married is not as easy as you could imagine. Yes, it takes two to tango, so you need each other’s hand to accomplish a step-by-step requirements before your set long table. If you wish a successful wedding and a “not compromised” commitment, the westerner groom-to-be have to strictly follow the guidelines and rules provided by the Philippine government before legitimately acquire the love of his life, “the Filipina”.

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Filipina - Western Affair

Posted 4/1/2015

With the Eyes of a Filipino Consultant

This article is written by a Filipino consultant who has worked with Filipinos and westerners and dealt with visa assistance to Filipinos getting fiancé visas. In her work as a consultant she has been able to see many stories about Filipino woman and western man affairs. She is now here to tell us about Filipino women and western men. 

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In Love With a Foreigner

Posted 9/18/2014

By getting familiar with the possible problems you can avoid unpleasant surprises

People travel a lot. It's very common that during a trip abroad people get involved with a holiday romances. It's also very common to travel abroad to find company. Although many trips abroad are made just in search for a pleasure and satisfaction by enjoying the local company may the holiday romance result with feelings of love. If you have fallen in love during a holiday romance there are few things you should get familiar with before making the holiday romance a serious relationship.

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International Dating Scams and Frauds

Posted 6/30/2014

Updated 7/14 2015

Scams and Frauds in the international dating sites

Everybody are familiar with the possible dishonest people browsing through the social media or in the internet's forums and dating sites. Still many people are becoming a victim of these frauds daily. wants to offer reliable information about international dating and marriage. Because many people are searching their international dating partner through internet it's good to share information from the common international dating scams and frauds. By knowing these common scams you can avoid unpleasant surprises and avoid to lose your fortunes to international dating fraud. 

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International Marriage - The Ironic Truth

Posted 4/27/2014

International marriage with a cynical aspect

International dating and marriage contains a lot of challenges. It's clear that cultural differences and the sceptic attitude of friends and relatives brings challenges to the everyday life of an international couple. This writing tells about these challenges and presents an ironic and cynical truth about the international dating and marriage. Everyone who is dating a foreigner and intending to contract an international marriage should become aware of the irony and the cynical aspects presented on this writing.

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Dating a Foreigner

Posted 3/10/2014

Before getting married to a foreigner it's good to get to know the future spouse

The people entering into marriage with foreigners often do it after too short period of dating. Many europeans and americans marrying a foreigner have met their partner only a few times before getting married. Many of the failed relationships and divorces could have been avoided if the spouses would have known each other well enough before the marriage. This writing was made to make more dreams come true and to make international marriages succesfull.

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Getting Married to a Foreigner

Posted 2/23/2014

The number of international marriages is increasing

Many europeans and americans get to married now days with a foreigner coming from Africa, Asia, Russia or Latin America.  Caucasian men often find their spouse from Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Nigeria or Brazil. Caucasian women enter in relationships a lot with the Turks, Latin men in general and with Ghanians.

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Married to a Foreigner

Posted 2/18/2014

Considering an international marriage?

It's difficult to find information about the leagal issues of international marriages. There's not valid and detailed information easily available about the things to be taken into account when going to marry a foreigner. This site was created in order to avoid mistakes and to survive with a less stress. This site and it's writings will benefit those who intend to marry another nationality as well as those who are considering to live abroad with their foreign spouse.

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Invitation Letter, Tourist Visa and Marriage

Posted 2/6/2014

Can a foreigner arriving with a tourist visa get married in a foreign country?

Invitation letter is usually attached to the visa application. Invitation letter contains the personal information of the person who is being invited and the personal information of the person who is inviting.

In invitation letter it's also needed to explain what is the relationship of the persons and how they know each other. A valid invitation letter has to present also a purpose of the travel, the exact traveling time and contain an explanation of how the expenses of the traveling and living are being taken care of. The invitation letter is being sended personally to the person who is being invited.

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