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International Dating Scams and Frauds

Posted 6/30/2014

Updated 7/14 2015

Scams and Frauds in the international dating sites

Everybody are familiar with the possible dishonest people browsing through the social media or in the internet's forums and dating sites. Still many people are becoming a victim of these frauds daily. wants to offer reliable information about international dating and marriage. Because many people are searching their international dating partner through internet it's good to share information from the common international dating scams and frauds. By knowing these common scams you can avoid unpleasant surprises and avoid to lose your fortunes to international dating fraud. 


African Emergency Scam

African Emergency is also known by the name Emergency Fraud. The Emergency Fraud is one of the most common international dating scams. The Emergency Fraud is called as African Emergency Scam because the Emergency Fraud is commonly used amongst the people located in Ghana or Nigeria.

The African Emergency Scam typically starts by the African person with a fake identity communicating with the victim for several weeks or even months to achieve emotional bondage and relationship with the victim. During the creation of emotional bondage the victim and the fraud get to know each other and share a lot of personal things with each other.

In some point the scammer starts to talk about the feelings and emotions and about love with the victim. The victim who is typically very desperate for love is being easily seduced by the fraud who is very familiar with the victim's despair. The people committing The Emergency Frauds are especially looking for victims who are desperate to find love and the scammers use the despair of their victims to implement the fraud.

After the emotional bondage and the relationship has been achieved it's time to take the next step. The next step is to tell to the victim who is at this moment seriously fallen in love about some kind of emergency situation facing the scammer or the scammer's family member. The typical emergency situations are usually traffic accident or some kind of serious health problem. At this point it's not difficult to guess that money is being requested to take care of the medical expenses. The stories about the emergency situations vary but at the end of the every story comes a request of money which the victims suffering from love despair are happy to fulfill.

After the victim has sent money to the scammer the scammer usually disappears or the scammer keeps asking for money as long as the victim is ready to keep sending some. The basic rule of every relations in internet is not to send money to someone who you haven't met in person.


The Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud

The Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud is commonly used in everywhere but if there's a need to name an area where the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud is mostly used the area would be Russia and Philippines. Like most of the frauds the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud begins with creating an emotional bondage and a relationship between the victim and the fraud. The Fraud's intention is to use the emotional bondage and relationship to make the victim fall in love.

After the victim has fallen in love and the scammer is sure the victim is desperate about the love the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud scammers start to talk about arranging a meeting in person and getting together. The meeting in person and getting together has off course one problem. The problem is money, which is needed to get the plane tickets and visa. The fraud asks the victim to send money for the plane tickets and for the visa expenses. At this point it shouldn't be hard to guess that plane tickets are never being bought and no visa is being applied. But still unfortunately some desperate soul might be sending money for a plane tickets and for visa expenses even at this moment with a desperate need of becoming loved.

Because the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud is now days widely known the scammers have been developing a new even smarter version of the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud. Instead of asking money for the plane tickets the frauds tell their victims that they have already bought a plane ticket and are only needing money for the visa expenses. The frauds may even send a copy of the plane tickets to the victim's e-mail. Receiving a copy of the plane tickets easily convinces the love despair victim that a meeting in person is really happening. The desperate victim doesn't usually come up with the fact that it's very easy to write a convincing looking plane ticket into e-mail without ever needing to buy one.


The Last Minute's Obstacle

The Last Minute's Obstacle is a variation of the Flight Ticket and Visa Fraud. In the Last Minute's Obstacle the victim thinks that both the plane ticket and the visa has already been arranged and the meeting in person is soon happening. The victim even has a date to expect because the victim has received a copy of the plane tickets via e-mail and the victim is being told that the visa is granted and has been attached in the passport.

But then in the date of the travel or few days before happens some kind of obstacle which is preventing the traveling. This obstacle may be a traffic accident or a health problem. There has been also reports that the frauds tell to their victims that the border inspection authorities in the country of origin are asking for a bribe or some kind of a payment to grant a traveling permit. There are a lot of stories about The Last Minute's Obstacles. But one thing is sure: Money is being needed to take care of this obstacle. This fraud, like most of the frauds happening in internet, can be easily avoided by remembering never to send money to someone you haven't met in person.


Fake Police Scam

The Fake Police Scam is sometimes attempted by some of the Latin american scammers. Usually at some point the victim comes to realize that the scam has been taken a place and decides to contact the police. Sometimes as a last, quite desperate, scam the internet scammers may try the Fake Police Scam.

The Fake Police Scam is usually being tried to get implemented by sending e-mail to the victim in the name of a police. The scammer pretending to be a representative of the police tells to the victim that the police has been able to locate the scammer and is now needing some financial assistance to speed up the legal process to make the scammer face the charges.

The desperate victim who has already been scammed earlier wants to now even more desperately make the scammer to face the charges. That's why some of the victims are ready to send payments to people who they think are representatives of the foreign police. At this point it would be very important to remember that even tough in some parts of the world it may be a common manner to make payments to the police it's not ever recommended to send money abroad to someone you haven't met in person.

It's also very unlikely that a police would contact someone via e-mail to ask for a bribe due to it would leave an evidence of the bribery.


The Inheritance Scam

The Inheritance Scam is probably the first internet scam ever appeared in the history of the internet. The Inheritance Scam is quite common and even tough it's well known scam still many people fall in the Inheritance Scam every year.

The Inheritance Scammer is looking for prospects and contacting people in social media, in dating sites and in forums as well as by simply sending random spam e-mails.

The Inheritance Scammer starts the scam by telling to the victim about an interest in dating or marrying a foreigner. After the scammer has attracted the victim's interest the scammer reveals that he/she has just received a large inheritance and is willing to transfer the whole inheritance to the victim's bank account and after that travel abroad and start a relationship with the victim.

Surprisingly before the bank transfer can be made there are some payments and transfer fees what need to be made by the transfer's receiver. These transfer fees are being asked as long as the victim is willing to make payments for the scammer. In some point the victim understands that the amount of money what was promised is never being transferred.

An other type of Inheritance Scam is the scam where the scammer tells you that you’ve been left or are entitled to claim, a large inheritance from a distant relative or wealthy benefactor who has died. The scammer tells to the victim  that the deceased left no other beneficiaries and that a large inheritance is waiting to be transferred. 

The next step in this variation of the inheritance scam is to ask for a transfer fees. Surprisingly large number of people are falling for this scam yearly. 


Fake Investigators and Net Detectives

Recent times many people have reported a new type of scam, so called Private Investigator Scam. Private investigators have existed almost on every era of mankind. But just recently private investigators have discovered and reached the large numbers of people on online dating. You should also watch out if you are being contacted by these fakes asking for money to assist.

Some of these investigators may do their job but you should always be cautious and aware of “detectives” or “private investigators” who are offering their services for a fee to track down a scammer on a dating site.

These "investigators" promise to identify who the scammer is and for an additional fee some of them may claim that they can get scammers arrested and bring them to justice.

"Investigators" or "detectives" usually contact their victim only after the victim realizes he/she has been a victim of a fraud by promising to get the scammer in to justice. This is a continuation of the original scam and a variation of the Fake Police Scam introduced above.

There are also some fake detectives/investigators that have set up web sites stating they are Detectives specialized in online dating scams.

Some of the fake investigators "hunt" their victims on dating sites and are actually members on dating sites. You should be extremely cautious if you get contacted by a member on a dating site who offers you these kind of investigator/detective services.


You can also download the complete guide, an eight pages long pdf presentation of Online Dating Security - Basic scams & frauds - Rules & Tips.


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