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Invitation Letter


Approved invitation letter

To get your invitation letter approved you should include all the needed information in the letter of invitation and then send the letter to the person being invited whose responsibility is to attach the invitation letter to visa application or use the invitation letter as a travelling plan to be presented with the other travelling documents.

The invitation letter should include the personal information about the person being invited and about the person being inviting.

The invitation letter should also present a detailed explanation about the relationship between the inviting person and the person being invited. The relationship and the quality of the relationship can be presented in the invitation letter by telling whether the inviting person and the person being invited are for example relatives or friends.

The invitation letter needs to include the information about the purpose of the trip and the duration of the trip. The purpose of the trip can be for example visiting a friend or a tourism and the duration of the trip is the period from the date of entry to the date of exit. 

The purpose and the duration of the trip can be presented by the letter of invitation in cases when the arriving foreigner doesn't have hotel reservations or other documents presenting the purpose and the duration of the trip.

The last but not least the invitation letter should present an explanation about how the expenses of the entry and residence of the foreigner are being taken care of. This can be explained by presenting an information of the inviting person's income or by presenting a valid credit card or bank statement proving the personal financial situation.  


Invitation letter can be written in free form

Usually the letter of invitation is a letter written in a free form containing all the needed information about the inviting person and the person being invited mentioned above and listed here below.

  • name(s), surname
  • citizenship
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • address of residence
  • purpose of the trip
  • duration of the trip
  • the place and address of residence during the trip
  • the location (office) where the visa application will likely be submitted
  • relationship of the inviting person to the foreigner being invited
  • Explanation of the covering the expenses related to entry and residence of the foreigner.

The invitation letter should present a valid identification document (copy of a passport)


Important to notice: You should always get familiar with the local rules and regulations considering the invitation letter. The local authorities may provide a certified invitation letter form or demand the invitation letter in a certain language. In some cases the authorities may demand the invitation letters to be translated and notarized or legalized.  

Always ask to find out from your local authority the detailed content and condition of the approved invitation letter for your purpose.


Here's a few links for the local authorities' pages where you can find information about how the local rules may vary considering the letter of invitation:

Letter of invitation Canada

Letter of invitation Latvia

General requirements for a private visit to Finland by the Embassy of Hanoi

A statement of the Embassy of the Philippines in USA about the invitation letter


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