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Start Dating Thai Women

Posted 10/13/2016

Reasons to date Thai women

Unlike many western women, Thai women are still in touch with their feminine instincts. Thai women, like many Asian women like masculine men and want to build their life around husband and family. That's why men who respect traditional family values should consider dating Asian and Thai women. And what's best about Thai women is that they are very receptive to western men and to western men's values, and most of the Thai women want to marry a man who leads and who is the head of the family.

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Baltic Women

Posted 8/18/2016

Baltic beauty

A lot of people agree that the most beautiful blondes come from the Baltic countries but it's harder to agree which Baltic country has the most beautiful women. Usually when talking about the Baltic countries people refer to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But depending of the context Baltic countries or Baltic region might stand also for the countries that have shorelines along the Baltic Sea. This writing is focusing to the women of the eastern side of the Baltic sea where the real Baltic beauty comes from. These countries are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. 

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Japanese and South Korean Women

Posted 7/1/2016

Why men who are interested in Asian women should consider dating Japanese and South Korean women

Prejudiced westerners, especially women, commonly criticize and charge that Asian women as well as most of the foreign women are seeking western men for money and to get a green card to the US or a visa to the European Schengen. However, they are wrong. And they are particularly wrong when it comes to Japanese and South Korean women. This writing is here to prove that.

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Who is Cheyenne Järvinen

Posted 4/25/2016

Cheyenne Järvinen is a beautiful Finnish-Filipina woman

Cheyenne Järvinen, who got her exotic beauty from her Filipina mother, was the first runner up in the Miss Helsinki competition in 2015. Recently Cheyenne has become famous as a beauty blogger and she's also known of her relationships with the Finnish rap artists Cheek and Juno. Cheyenne likes to treat her fans with beautiful Instagram photos and there's even rumours that she would have a sex tape shot together with the Finnish Big Brother star Antti Kurhinen.

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Dating Tip Collection

Posted 4/4/2016

This writing is a listed collection of dating tips. Because online dating is now days popular way to meet new people and find love this collection includes online dating tips. And because online security is one important part of online dating this writing includes also online dating security tips.

Some of the tips listed on this writing are based on the writer's own experience and some of the tips are found from the Internet or heard from friends.

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What Type of Latin American Woman Attracts You the Most ?

Posted 3/6/2016


It's not hard to guess why so many men are attracted to Latin women. Latin women, or Latinas, are known to have a voluptuous figure that looks good in a low-cut skin-tight dress. They're hot blooded, real life temptresses with their eye-catching beauty and skill at attracting, getting and keeping a man. But are all Latinas the same?

Well, surprisingly (or not), Latinas aren't all the same. Like the comedian Al Madrigal once said: “Latinos are all the same except for Mexicans really," An Ecuadorian pointed out that “Dominicans and Puerto Ricans don’t know how to speak Spanish.” And Chileans? Well they just “eat too much Mayo,” according to one Mexican. The one thing Latinos do have in common? "Hating Latinos."

Latinas, like all Latinos, tend to identify strongly with their cultural background. You can see it in the way they look, talk and act. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn how to identify different types of Latinas and where to spot them?

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Black Woman's Dinner Invitation

Posted 2/28/2016

Markus was a Finnish guy on his late 30's. He lived quite normal life and the days were pretty much the same from day to day. Every day after the work Markus went to have a cup of coffee in the café close to his home.

One day a beautiful and curvy black woman stepped inside the café. Markus had always found black women very attractive. Markus was attracted to their typically thick, curvy bodies and sexy lips. Markus couldn't stop looking at her and the black woman noticed that.

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Anastasiya Kvitko is a Gorgeous Russian Woman

Posted 2/8/2016

Anastasiya Kvitko is a gorgeous and curvy Russian woman

Anastasiya Kvitko is beautiful Russian woman living in the United States She became famous in Instagram of her curvy body and seductive pictures. Due to her curvy body and seductive pictures she could be called as Russian version of Kim Kardashian, but just with the difference that Anastasiya Kvitko's pictures are way more seductive than Kim Kardashian's pictures. As the Kim Kardashian is definitely a super star and she's almost everyday in the covers of tabloids all around the world, has Anastasiya Kvitko remained popular mainly in Instagram and she haven't made her break through on tabloids and gossip magazines world wide like Kim Kardashian has, at least not yet.

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Dating Latin Women

Posted 1/11/2016

Tips to dating a Latina

Getting Latin women's attention can be difficult if you don't know how to attract Latinas. Latin women have their unique way of thinking. But once you start to understand the Latina way of life and start getting the attention of Latin women you may not want to go back. If you are attracted to Latin women and want to date a Latina then you should read this writing to know how to date a Latina.

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Russian Beauty Next Door

Posted 12/14/2015

Matti had divorced two years ago and he was tired of the childish and arrogant women who he had dated and even lived with one for several years. Matti felt that he needed something different that would change his life. He knew he needed a woman who accepts him the way he is and who would let him to get to know her soul. A new chapter began in Matti's life when a Russian beauty moved to next door.

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Filipino Women, Filipinas and Pinays or Pilipinas ?

Posted 11/16/2015

What is the difference between Filipino and Filipina?

What is Pinay and why someone calls Filipina as Pilipina ?

This writing tries to explain the difference between the words Filipino and Filipina. This writing tries also to explain meaning of the words Pinay and Pilipina. 

We can all agree that a lot of beautiful and intelligent women come from the Philippines and Filipino women are good ethnicity to mix with other ethnicities to make beautiful and intelligent kids. But what is the right way to call Filipino women? What is the difference between Filipino woman and Filipina, and what is Pinay or Pilipina? Maybe only a Filipino woman could give the right answer. Anyway, in this writing we try our best to define and to explain the meaning of those words.

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African Beauty Kelly Kalonji Seduces

Posted 10/31/2015

Kelly Kalonji became famous in 2013 as Miss Helsinki. After that she has gained reputation by starring seductive glamour photography and by participating in reality shows. Kelly Kalonji was also the winner of the Bikini section of the Miss Tourism International in 2013. Kelly is African beauty living in Finland and originating from Kongo. Kelly moved to Finland when she was a child. She started modelling in her teenage years. If you're a fan of quality photography and you love African beauty then you should definitely get to know Kelly Kalonji's Instagram photos @mskellykalonji

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Asian Women

Posted 9/29/2015

What type of Asian woman would you choose

A lot of men find Asian women attractive and ideal partners. Many western men have already found their happiness with Asian women and more and more men are falling in love with Asian women every day. This is not a surprise because Asian women really know how to treat men. With Asian women western men can get liberated from the chains what the western society has given to it's male population. But it's good to keep in mind that not all the Asian women are the same. There are different types of Asian women with different qualities. This writing tells about different types of Asian women and teaches how and where to find Asian women of your type. Read this writing and know what type of Asian woman attracts you the most and how you can find your perfect Asian love. 

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Dating Russian Women

Posted 9/7/2015

Guide to dating Russian women

Russian women are known to be intelligent, feminine and beautiful. Intelligence and femininity combined with stunning beauty is a combination what men can't resist. A lot of men think that the best women come from Russia. This is why so many men are interested in Russian women and wanting to marry a Russian woman. This writing is a guide to dating Russian women. By following the instructions given on this writing you can succeed in dating Russian women and you can certainly gain popularity among Russian women. If your goal is to have a genuine, love based relationship with a Russian woman be sure you read this writing carefully and follow the instructions presented on this writing.

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A Finnish Man

Posted 8/14/2015

Asian woman's story about her memories of a Finnish man

Joy was a Filipino woman living quite normal Filipino life including dreams about the love and the future. One day her life changed when she met a Finnish man who was working with a large scale business project in Philippines. Joy fell in love with that man. But who he really was and what he really did in the Philippines? Joy thought she knew the answers to those questions but she was soon to notice that she didn't know who the man she loved was and was she ever able to meet him again. 

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Colombian Woman

Posted 8/13/2015

A Finnish man's story of his desires with a Colombian woman

Mikko was a Finnish man who had always found Latin women attractive.  He was attracted to Latin women's typically curvy bodies and their tanned skin tone which Mikko found was tanned in a just perfect way, by not being too dark but still not too pale for what Mikko liked. Mikko had never had courage to talk with Latin women although he had seen many Latin women living in Finland. Latin women felt like something too good to be true and unreachable to Mikko.

Mikko had been married to a Finnish woman and lived quite normal, typical life. Mikko kept secretly fantasizing about Latin women. He had never told to his wife about his fantasies about Latin women. One day Mikko's fantasy about Latin woman came true when her wife became friends with a Colombian woman living in Finland. 

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Tips to Spot an Online Dating Scam

Posted 7/10/2015

Online dating scam basics

Because humans are social creatures many people are looking for love and friendship. In online dating scam the scammers are taking advantage of the human's basic need for love and friendship.

Typical online dating scam begins always the same way; The scammer creates a bond with the person being scammed. Someone starts chatting with you and you enjoy the long chats with them and eventually become interested. Over time you start to feel that there is a bond between you two. But then right out of the blue the scammer needs some money. Maybe there's a personal crisis or a short term lack of funds. Maybe it’s the reason why he or she cannot meet you!

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How Asian Women Satisfy the Needs of Western Men

Posted 6/19/2015

Why western men can be happier with Asian women

There are some differences in Asian women when compared to western women that the western men appreciate. Those differences are wonderful, liberating and can be life-changing to single western men.
This writing reveals the secrets of Asian women and tells about how dating Asian women can improve western men's social life and lead on complete satisfaction in life. This writing is not supposed to insult anyone or talk bad about Western women or women in general or people of any ethnicity or culture.
If you are single western man or a man who wants to date Asian women you can use this article as inspiration and it can help you to find what you are looking for. If you are Asian woman you can also use this article as inspiration and as a guideline in dating western men. If you are western woman you can learn from this article and get to know the secrets of Asian women in satisfying the needs of western men. 
These qualities told on this writing may also apply to other than Asian women of different cultures or ethnicities and this writing doesn't mean to generalize. But there are significant key differences in Asian women that are real and noticeable. These differences matter to western men because deep down western men prefer these qualities.
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Online Dating Security

Posted 4/30/2015

Basic rules and tips

Online dating frauds happen all the time. That's why it's good to get familiar with these basic online dating security rules and tips.  Foreign Dating Finland works for the secure and easy online dating. We want to make dating and flirting easy. We also want to make online dating secure. That's why we've listed here some tips for secure online dating. By following these guidelines you can increase your security and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you want to get to know the most common online dating scams you should read the writing International dating scams and frauds.

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Why It's So Good to be Married to a Finnish Man

Posted 4/22/2015

Russian woman's story about her marriage to a Finnish man

This Russian woman's story was originally published in Gubernija Daily which is a Russian online magazine. In the story the Russian woman shared with everyone why she wanted to marry a Finnish man. This Russian woman's story was part of a longer series where Russian women spoke about their international marriages and lives.

Read this story and you'll know what makes Finnish men so good husbands.

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African Women Want to Offer Sex Services in Western Countries

Posted 12/29/2014

African women searching for men and residence permit from western countries

The number of prostitutes in the world is increasing. The increasing surplus of the services being offered and the competition between the prostitutes in the sex markets is lowering the prizes of the sex services. The surplus and the lowering income are forcing prostitutes to search for new areas.  In present days it has been more common for some of the prostitutes to search men who are willing to help them to get out of the sex markets. This is quite common among the prostitutes originating from Africa. Many african prostitutes are telling that they are constantly searching a way to get out of the sex industry. These african prostitutes wanting to get out of the sex industry are searching western men who want to date and marry an african woman. Some of the african prostitutes have also been able to leave the sex industry with a help of the former client who they have been fallen in love with.

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Thai Women Searching Western Men

Posted 12/17/2014

Thai women are attracted to western men

Thai women appreciate western men. Huge amount of Thai women have been able to get to know western men in many different contexts and decided to get married to a western man. Western men are attracted to Thai women because Thai women are happy the way they are. Thai women give a high value of their own femininity and womanhood. Western men are attracted to women who are feminine and know how to appreciate their own womanhood. Thai women understand that woman is a woman and man is a man. From these reasons Thai women and western men end up in relationships and contract international marriages to live happily together.

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African, Asian, Russian and Latin Women Searching Men for International Dating and Marriage

Posted 12/10/2014

Women are fascinated by the diversity

Tabloids and TV shows tell us stories about the women getting excited by the cultural and ethnical diversity. The typical strory told by the media is always a western woman falling in love with a foreign man. In a rare cases, if at all, the love stories between western men and foreign women are being told. Most of the stories about western men and foreign women are stories about the sex tourism. That should be considered offensive towards the western male population. Fortunately, all the western men who have ever spent some time abroad know that the women outside the western world are fascinated by the cultural and ethnical diversity what the western men have to offer.

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Asian Women Offering Massages and Sex Services

Posted 11/1/2014

Asian women usually offer sex services during the massage

Many asian women living in foreign countries offer massages and sex services. Many of the asian women living in a foreign country have a background of a sex worker. In the cases when the asian woman's life in a foreign country didn't meet the expectations the asian woman usually ends up to work in the sex industry.  This is simply the reason why there are so many asian women offering sex services.

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Russian Women Searching for Men

Posted 10/12/2014

Increasing number of men are marrying a russian woman

Many Russian women are dreaming to get to married to american or european man. Russian women appreciate typical american and european "I can do" attitude. In the other hand men appreciate the Russian women's appearance. Russian women are considered beautiful and they are known from their ability to take good care of their looks. In the light of these facts it can be said that a relationship between american or european man and Russian woman is quite close to perfect. That's why it's not suprising at all that many americans and europeans marry a russian woman.

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