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African Beauty Kelly Kalonji Seduces

Posted 10/31/2015

Kelly Kalonji became famous in 2013 as Miss Helsinki. After that she has gained reputation by starring seductive glamour photography and by participating in reality shows. Kelly Kalonji was also the winner of the Bikini section of the Miss Tourism International in 2013. Kelly is African beauty living in Finland and originating from Kongo. Kelly moved to Finland when she was a child. She started modelling in her teenage years. If you're a fan of quality photography and you love African beauty then you should definitely get to know Kelly Kalonji's Instagram photos @mskellykalonji


Kelly Kalonji starring Paradise Hotel Finland 

Paradise Hotel is an American reality television show that aired on Fox. In the show a group of singles live in a luxurious hotel resort competing to see who can stay in the hotel for the longest. Periodically someone is removed from the show. Each week couples pair off and must share a hotel room together. One person, who doesn't get paired is left over and he or she has to leave the hotel. The winner is the one who is able to stay in the hotel for the longest.

Already since the beginning of the Paradise Hotel Finland Kelly's trimmed body has gained reputation and attracted many, mostly male competitors and viewers and caused jealousy and envy among other women. 


African Beauty Kelly Kalonji dates Finnish guys

Kelly Kalonji who is soon on her 30's has been in a relationship with a Finnish guy for 7 years. Unfortunately the relationship ended and Kelly is single again. Kelly has told in news papers that she would be ready to settle down and wants to have a family but her Mr. right is missing.

She has also told publicly about her past how she has been lonely and got bullied as a child in Finland because of her skin color. Kelly Kalonji wants to be an inspiration for every dark colored and mixed race women and show to everyone how you can over come the difficulties and achieve great things in life if you believe in what you do.

Kelly is going to participate in Miss Heritage competition and she tells that Miss Heritage in 2015 may be her last competition on her beauty career.

In the future Kelly is interested in working on television and on reality shows. She may be participating in styling team at Africa's Next Top Model. She would also be interested in hosting reality shows.


You can succeed with African beauty

Winning of the Miss Helsinki title and Kelly's modelling career proves that you can succeed with African beauty. Kelly wants to be an example for all foreign women living in Finland or interested in Finland and reminds that in order to succeed you should believe in what you do.

However, Kelly's trimmed and fit body tells us that in additional to in believing yourself behind Kelly's success must be also many hours of work out and well planned diet.


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