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Filipino Women, Filipinas and Pinays or Pilipinas ?

Posted 11/16/2015

What is the difference between Filipino and Filipina?

What is Pinay and why someone calls Filipina as Pilipina ?

This writing tries to explain the difference between the words Filipino and Filipina. This writing tries also to explain meaning of the words Pinay and Pilipina. 

We can all agree that a lot of beautiful and intelligent women come from the Philippines and Filipino women are good ethnicity to mix with other ethnicities to make beautiful and intelligent kids. But what is the right way to call Filipino women? What is the difference between Filipino woman and Filipina, and what is Pinay or Pilipina? Maybe only a Filipino woman could give the right answer. Anyway, in this writing we try our best to define and to explain the meaning of those words.



The word Filipino refers to a person originating or living in The Philippines and whose ethnic background is in Philippines. The word Filipino can refer to both male and female. In other words Filipino is unisex term for the people of the Philippines or of Filipino ancestry. Usage of the term Filipino began in the Spanish colonial period. The Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 300 years.



Filipina is widely used word and accepted formally at least in Filipino English to refer to a female Filipino. The phenomenon turning Filipino into Filipina comes from the Spanish language, which is widely spoken in The Philippines. In Spanish, nouns have "genders" which means that the nouns are either masculine or feminine. Typically in Spanish masculine nouns end with the letter "O" and feminine nouns end with the letter "A". So that's why the word Filipina (ending with the letter "A") means especially Filipino woman.  



Pilipina has the same meaning as the word Filipina. The letter "F" is not always used in The Philippines and many Filipinos pronounce their F's as P's. That's because the traditional Filipino or Pilipino alphabet does not have "F" in it and in Tagalog which is one of the major languages spoken in The Philippines, The Philippines is called Pilipinas. However, the modern Filipino alphabet adopted in 1987 recognizes the letter "F". 



Pinay or Pinoy is informal word referring to the Filipino people. Usually Pinay refers to a female Filipino and Pinoy refers to a male Filipino. The phenomenon turning Pinoy into Pinay is the same as it's with the word Filipina. The words Pinoy or Pinay are considered by some Filipinos as derogatory term. The words Pinoy and Pinay dates to the early 20th century when American soldiers in the Philippines mockingly called Filipinos as Pinoys. Today Pinoy and Pinay are slang terms used to refer to people of Filipino descent and Filipinos themselves are widely using the words Pinoy and Pinay.

It's worth to mention that the Filipino versions of the Big Brother and the Pop Idol were called as the Pinoy Big Brother and the Pinoy Idol.


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