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Russian Beauty Next Door

Posted 12/14/2015

Matti had divorced two years ago and he was tired of the childish and arrogant women who he had dated and even lived with one for several years. Matti felt that he needed something different that would change his life. He knew he needed a woman who accepts him the way he is and who would let him to get to know her soul. A new chapter began in Matti's life when a Russian beauty moved to next door.

"Nina Annikova", Matti stared at the door before entering to his apartment. It seems to be a Russian woman's name, Matti thought. That apartment next to Matti's apartment had been empty for a while. Now it looks like somebody moved in there while Matti was at work. Today morning when Matti left to work the door didn't have a name on it.

It had been two years since the divorce. Matti's wife had left him and it had been two months since Matti had even talked to a woman, if you don't count casual small talks what he had everyday at work and in groceries.

Matti was a man who was tall and quite muscular with blonde hair. Matti had plenty of chances to date women. And if he wished to take up any of the offers that he received he wouldn't need to be alone. But he realized that he was getting tired of the same arrogant and childish women whom he had often wined and dined and even lived with one for several years. Matti had realized that none of the women in his current social circle were the kind of women he was looking for.

Matti felt that he needed something different. Matti needed a woman who accepts him the way he is and doesn't try to change him. Matti wanted a woman who would let him to get to know her soul. It dawned on him that he had an affinity for Russian women. There was just something about the curves of their bodies that drove him wild.  

But when it came to approaching a beautiful Russian woman, he felt his courage falter. Were Russian women even interested in Finnish guys?

Nina, who had moved in next door was quite tall woman and she was in great shape. She had long blonde hair and nice curved body. She began to smile at Matti when she noticed Matti was watching her always when she passed by. After few months of smiling to each other and saying "good morning" or "good afternoon" when they passed by each other Matti decided that he needed to take the next step with Nina.

One day when Matti walked through the corridor and was again greeted by Nina, Matti decided to ask if she would like to have coffee with him.

"Yes, I would like to have coffee with you" Nina said with a lovely smile. "I'm so glad you asked" she said. "I have plenty of coffee at my home, so why don't we have coffee at my place" she continued.

"Well.. I... Yes... Matti trailed off. He didn't expect to get an invitation to her home. 

Nina led him to her apartment and offered him a seat. Nina's apartment was so called studio with a single room and a small kitchen in it. Matti looked around the room to find a twin bed, a table next to it, a dresser and a mirror. He noticed that Nina lived quite simple life.

Nina had entered to bathroom which was connected to the room. Matti could hear water running. He stood awaiting for Nina to exit.

Nina was a gorgeous woman. She had athletic, curvy figure with large breasts and rounded hips. When Nina stepped out of the bath room she wore a blue robe that was loosely tied. It revealed the curves of her body. Matti could see she was wearing panties made of silky material.

Nina smiled for Matti and walked towards him. "I decided to change in something more comfortable" she said.

Matti looked into her eyes and noticed her smile so attractive that Matti could fall in love.  Matti looked at her breasts and finally down at her hips. Matti was surprised and nervous. He didn't know what to do or say.

After several moments Nina broke  the silence by saying "don't be nervous".

Nina's hands reached down and placed Matti's hands underneath her robe to rest on her hips. She kissed him gently. 

"Can I give you a massage?" Nina said. "I think you like my body, don't you" she continued.

"Ahm.. Yes... You're gorgeous" Matti trailed. 

Nina looked into Matti's eyes and leaned forward to give him a gentle kiss.

"When I first saw you I knew I was going to want to get you undressed and lay you on the bed to be massaged" Nina said.

Matti laid on the bed. Nina was rubbing warm oil between her hands. She leaned forward and started massaging his shoulders. Matti was now completely relaxed and was enjoying the feel of Nina's hands. She was really a great masseuse.

Nina loved the feeling of Matti's muscles on her hands. Nina thought Matti was handsome. He was on his late 30's just like Nina.

Nina leaned forward and began to rub Matti's thighs. Matti felt good as the beautiful woman massaged his body. Nina was enjoying the massage too.

Matti was relaxed and felt speechless. Nina had large breasts and Matti could feel her breasts in his back every time Nina leaned forward. He didn't know if she let her breasts touch his back on purposely or by accident.

The massage was sensual and Matti was enjoying it.

Out of nowhere Nina asked with a smile on her face "What did you come here for in the first place, was it coffee?"

Nina didn't have any plans to go any further than massage and Matti respected it.

"You know, I don't know you, but I can tell you're a really nice guy." Nina said. "I hope you're not seeing anyone" Nina continued.

"Actually I'm divorced, two years ago" Matti told Nina and looked down.

"There's nothing embarrassing about that," Nina said. "I can relate, I've also been in a relationship which has ended" Nina told to Matti.

"Truthfully, I actually prefer living in a relationship. But it seems never to work out," she sighed. "I don't think Finnish guys are that interested in me, they only want one thing, you know." 

"Of course a lot of guys are attracted to you, I am too and I would like to get to know you better" Matti said.

"Thank you" Nina said, smiled and placed the empty coffee cup on the table.

"So," she said smiling. "Why don't you come back tomorrow to get to know my soul?"


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